Prism Group specializes in resolution of worker's comp cases and consultation with businesses on worker's comp and other risk management issues. Our unique process of assessing problems and developing solutions allows companies, organizations and individuals to move forward with resolution, new clarity and opportunities, renewed purpose, and increased productivity and fulfillment.

Meet Alan Jordan

The son of a local builder, Alan's passion for work began early in life. At 12 he was sweeping and cleaning the houses his father was constructing. By 15 he was working summers and holidays doing the framing, forming, plumbing and wiring work. Between high school and his freshman year at LSU, Alan designed and built a small home with his dad, managing the job from start to finish. Two weeks before his first class, he sold the house at a profit. Looking back, Alan recalls, "The seeds of business and its correlation to one's efforts were planted deep that summer."

In the mid-1990s, married with a family and in the midst of a very successful law career, Alan experienced a sea of change in his career philosophy that resulted in his undertaking a new career course. After several years of extensive study, new business ventures, and raising a family of five children, his decision ultimately led him to the mediation business.

Energized by his new career path, Alan found the personal fulfillment he sought through his work helping others discover common ground and resolve their conflict. "I could see and say firsthand that 'Yes, what we do matters more than what we make or what the world calls successful.'" Jordan adds, "One can be both successful on the world scale and highly fulfilled and satisfied."

The idea for Prism Group grew out of Alan's desire to help others discover and understand that people, purpose and perspective are the primary catalysts for both fulfilled living and exceptional performance in companies and organizations. Alan brings to his mediation work a keen understanding of people, an ability to ask the questions that matter, and a passion to help those in dispute see situations in a new light. "When people and purpose are aligned, magical things happen for everyone and everything involved," says Jordan. "Making that happen is my passion."

Prism Group specializes in the resolution of worker's comp, and accepts injury and commercial cases.

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