Who We Serve

Workers' Compensation Insurance Companies

Risk…while it exists in varying degrees, the element of risk is part of virtually every workplace. With the wide range of jobs – from construction to manufacturing – involving the daily possibility of being injured while on the clock, its constant presence makes workers' compensation coverage an essential component of a company's risk management strategy. But the fact is, not all claims for lost wages or medical coverage go smoothly. Frequently these claims can turn into disputes. At Prism Group, our job is to resolve such disputes in a manner satisfactory to all parties.

Risk Managers

As a risk manager, your job can be stressful. Overseeing each and every potential danger to company employees is a tiring endeavor, and sometimes accidents can cause unforeseen injuries. It happens all the time - a machine malfunctions, a cable unexpectedly snaps, a load of heavy materials collapses. And when it does, claims are filed and disputes may arise - disputes that can become drawn out and rather unpleasant if not handled properly. If an accident occurs at your company that gives rise to a dispute, look to Prism Group to do everything within our power to mediate an effective, workable resolution.

Self-Insured Companies

The lure of easy measurement often distracts us from the path of greatest value.

The future is, by definition, an uncertain time. It's difficult to predict how, if or when things will go wrong, making self-insurance tricky to handle. As a business owner, you do your best to prepare for the worst, but what if the amount you've set aside to cover the worst simply isn't enough? There are no predictive formulas or software in the world that can fully predict what may or may not occur tomorrow and beyond, and that can make the task of self-insuring your business an anxiety-filled endeavor. Prism Group's job is to lessen that stress. If an employee is injured on the job in such a way that the amount of money your company set aside won't fully cover the injury or loss of wages, we have the experience and knowledge required to help resolve the dispute.

Legal Disputes

Disputes and differences are a part of doing business in the increasingly complex and technology-driven world of today. Unfortunately, this complexity can lead to disputes where litigation is pursued as a method of finding resolution. As is too often the case when litigation results, the parties involved can lose sight of the resolution objective, resulting in long, expensive and low-return options for all concerned. A new perspective – one with an eye toward resolution, coupled with extensive expertise – can be the tool needed to guide the parties and their representatives along the path toward resolution. At Prism Group, we know the path inside and out and would be happy to discuss with you or your representatives how to find resolution when disputes lead to litigation.

Prism Group's extensive experience includes resolving disputes of many kinds, between all manners of parties. If you have a dispute requiring the services of a third party mediator, give Prism Group a call. We'll be happy to discuss your needs and how we can put our mediation expertise to work finding your resolution solution.