Starts that Stick

The short answer is it doesn’t work. Why? Because at its core starting is personal and is most effective when it’s our choice. In a recent article in the Wall Street Journal (Saturday January 4th, 2014) researchers looked at the correlation between voluntary giving and giving compelled by a penalty for failing to give. While penalty induced giving may have increased participation, it also limited the level of a participant’s giving to the minimum.

I think the same holds true for starting. Someone else can induce starting with a “should, must, need to” but that, like penalty induced giving becomes the minimum. Once the start (the minimum) is achieved, the behavior the start was meant to change lasts but a short time.

Our best and lasting starts are those we choose and therefore own. A start that begins with “I choose” instead of in response to “I must or I should or I need to” has a far better chance of surviving the short life of most starts. Your choice, not the voices of others, is the linchpin to a right start!